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International Gundog League Championship 2023

Updated: Jan 23

Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland

The event of the year for Retriever Field Trialers - The International Gundog League (IGL) Championship 2023 - was held by kind invitation of the Duke of Buccleuch at the Queensbury and Buccleuch Estates, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

After winning the Mid-Norfolk 2 day Qualifying Stake, Harley was invited to compete with 67 other top retrievers of the year at the IGL 2023.

What an amazing experience it was to be there alongside some of the best handlers and dogs to ever compete in Field Trials. Some tremendous pomp and ceremony was in evidence at the registration and opening morning with a lovely address by the Duke himself.

While it was a great achievement to be there, we were put out of the first day after completing 2 smart retrieves, after being deemed to have delivered a bird less than perfectly. The standard is understandably exacting, and while it was disappointing, we had to accept the judges decision. Some of the scenery and shooting was the most stunning we have ever experienced,

I was absolutely delighted with how Harley handled the situation and he looked completely at home in that level of competition - I couldn't be prouder of the special lad.

Adam Snare and Harley at the International Gundog League (IGL) Championship 2023
Adam Snare & Harley

Harley setting off for a fetch at the International Gundog League (IGL) Championship 2023

Congratulations to the award winners and especially Mr David Lisett with HM King Charles III's FTCh Buccleuch Bowhill of Sandringham.

We will be improving more in the coming year, campaigning again next season and aim to be there at the end this time. He deserves a nice rest now and will enjoy the rest of the shooting season. What a dog he is!

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