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Our Clients Say

Tristan Gale kneeling with his gundog and an award

"Having received training from many different trainers over the last twenty years, I can confidently say Adam provides the calmest guidance I have ever received.

His well thought approach has helped me resolve issues others have struggled with. I regularly recommend Adam to others, because of this methodical attitude to solving problems."

Tristan Gale

Our Friends & Clients Say Plenty...

...and we love them for it!

Jim Bird and his two dogs sitting perfectly by his side

"I’ve known Adam for a relatively short amount of time, about 5 years. We met in the Hunt Point Retrieve world of Gundogs. I was taken with the calm manner in which he handled his dog - a Hungarian Wirehaired Visla. Adam and his dog were totally in tune with each other and it was evident his dog had been trained to a very high standard indeed. Over the years we have become friends, shared many days shooting and rubbed shoulders at competitive events. Even as an old hand like myself you're never too old to learn new tricks and I have benifitted from learning with Adam and seeing first hand how he does it... I've incorporated some of his methods into my own retriever training. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some truly outstanding retrieves from both his award winning Labrador and Vizla, while the one constant is his raport with his dogs, his calm presence, patients and ability to understand the needs of his or your dogs." 

Jim Bird and FTCH Gino  

2022 HPR KC Championship winner - 'A' Panel Judge 

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