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Judging Appointments December 2023

Updated: Jan 23



A couple of busy days with 2 judging appointments on the hop.

Both were driven Novice stakes, the first in Norfolk and the second on the Suffolk/Essex border. A very different dynamic with a driven trial over a walked-up stake, the excitement builds quickly for all competitors as they sit in line watching the drives before them.

Composure and steadiness are needed in buckets as this can be a real temptation for the dogs and a test for the handlers.

Once the drive is over, the first two dogs are taken to a suitable place to be sent while the others are back on leads, waiting their turn.

With the help of 'markers-down', the game is located, and dogs are marked on their retrieves of the designated bird.

The numerical sequence can get a little complicated, but keeping the flow of the trial going was easy with the senior A panel judges calmly in charge.

We saw some lovely dogs working, with some spectacular successes and failures - but that's what it's all about.

Very worthy winners were found and two more great days in the field were had by all.

I am very grateful to have learned a skill like this, and I thank everyone involved who made it happen. What a great sport!

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