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Quinn takes 3rd and Guns Choice

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Halorros Milkyway of MeareCastle ran in the MCLRC Novice Trial at Whyton courtesy of Jim Christen and Samantha Whyte on 14th January 2023.

A really nice trial with a mix of quite technical ground - after the second round only 3 dogs remained. Duck, Pheasant and Partridge made up the bag collected from both drives and walked up gamecover.

With 5 retrieves each in the book, the judges decided they'd seen enough to decide on the awards. Quinn was awarded 3rd and Guns Choice while two deserving dogs took second and first. While there was little between the 3, a lovely eyewipe was the

deciding factor for the first placed dog owned by Paul Dukes and Nathan Quinn.

In only his first season at just 2 years old in September, Quinn has placed twice in the three trials entered. Quite a nice start I'd say.

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