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Quinn takes awards at Norfolk GDC Trial

Updated: Feb 6

Quinn ran in only his second trial at just over 2 years old on 19th December 2022, at Ampton.

Good weather and scenting conditions helped and as always at Gt Livermere the game came to hand easily.

After a tricky retrieve on a gun-given mark across a river, we found ourselves clean and in the third and fourth rounds. We had two testing long range retrieves that Quinn made look very tidy, the last of which was on a strong runner. After being sent quickly and hitting the fall, he was left to work it out himself - which he did smartly and was complimented by 2 of the guns who happened to be A-panel judges.

At the end it was only us and 2 other handlers still remaining - even better that they are both good friends. Quinn was awarded 2nd place and awards for Guns Choice and the Youngest Dog in the Awards.

Delighted with how he went and even more about what the future holds. He's a lovely dog.

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