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All Aged Trial UGS 2022 - Harley 2nd Place

Updated: Feb 6

Hawkhurst, Kent

Harley and I participated in the UGS 16 dog all-aged trial at Hawkhurst in Kent.

Very nice ground and with good scent, we started off in-line as number 3, cleanly making our way to the third round with only a runner across the line, really making things exciting - having to really hold an area directly in front of our opposing judges. Two pheasants shot at the other end of the line, unsighted over a hill, made the next two retrieves a bit tense, but after taking a lovely line on both, we collected cleanly. Just down to the last 3 dogs in the last round, Harley had a mark into the tops of the trees in a wood to complete his trial. Not seeing the bird land and the wood full of game, I was sure he'd come back with something - just not sure it'd be the one we were sent for!

After what seemed like an age with the gallery only metres away, Harley came out of the wood with our dead partridge. Delighted, I put the lead on, and we all made our way back to the farm.

We were fortunate to be awarded 2nd place behind a worthy winner who completed some really eye-catching retrieves. Being an all-age stake, we were competing against dogs of up to the level Field Trial Champion and against some top-level handlers - I was absolutely delighted with our top boy Harley.

This result qualified us for the UGS Area Finals 12 dog stake in January 2023.

Interestingly, the award and trophy we were given were the UGS Challenge Cup, first awarded in 1929 by the then-president, Athol E. Clapham. What a historic award.

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